We deliver a modern and innovative approach on centrifuge control panels and software in today’s rapidly growing and continually evolving industry. We build custom centrifuge control panels, shaped by consumer demand for increased productivity and reduced downtime.

Our experienced electrical team routinely sets up, repairs and maintains a variety of new and old equipment and machines. We strive to provide quick problem solving and root cause techniques to get to the bottom of the problem fast.

We are your single source electrical solution service provider for expanding or completing your electrical project. It is our top priority to provide you with the electrical work required to achieve optimal operating efficiency while minimizing your carbon footprint. 



We are a professionally trained and certified, full-service electrical company specializing in general electrical, machine maintenance, automation, machine modernization, and centrifuge control panels and software.


Our dynamic team at Technology Transfer Inc. enables us to provide the best customer service and value-added solutions for every client’s applications. TTI has a variety of skilled electricians, each with specific and unique talents that combined, allow us to provide some of the best electrical problem-solving services in the industry.


Our company mission is uncomplicated. We want to provide outstanding customer service, reward and preserve the integrity of our people, and promote harmony between everyday machines and mankind interactions in our modern society.


To achieve simplicity, we at TTI take care of the complicated.





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TTI has developed a new enclosure design for our centrifuge control panels that ensures improved air flow and cooling, reduced moisture and dust contamination via closed loop cooling, and will easily fit with existing steel cabinets.

We strive to make sure your TTI applications and centrifuge software operate without error. We have also designed our software to provide realtime machine speed, fault history, differential speed control and a touchscreen design.


Year Established
"Our goal has been to offer premium service and dedication to clients for the last 2 decades, and we will continue a high level of service for decades to come."