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We deliver a modern and innovative approach on centrifuge control panels and software in today’s rapidly growing and continually evolving industry. 


Our TTI Operator Software includes the following specs and features:


  • FLEX OS: proprietary centrifuge operating software, designed to allow programmer levels access to clients for additional controls or alarms without affecting the core OS

  • TREND: real-time VFD charting, speed, and fault displays

  • ACTIVE FEED PUMP: manages pump flow rate to prevent machine blockages while under high loads

  • VFD SETUP: modify base drive parameters or load defaults safely from the external touch screen

  • MACHINE SETUP: set rotation, sheave size, gear box, power limits, etc. for optimized performance

  • MOTOR CHECK: quickly determine the status of your VFD, motor, cable, and connections while tuning the drive for improved efficiency

  • CONNECT: remote access enables you to monitor your operations from a PC or mobile device

  • APC (auxiliary pump control): run the feed pump independent of the centrifuge for hydraulic or transfer pump applications

  • EXTERNAL ALARMS: wiring for safety devices, alarm beacon, and HMI notifications

  • GENERAL SPECS: 480V, 3P, 60 Hz, 200A. Typical VFD Configurations (MD-125hp, BD-30hp, PD-30hp) or 480V, 60Hz, 100A. Typical VFD Configurations (MD-50hp, BD-20hp, PD-20hp)

TTI has developed a new enclosure design for our centrifuge control panels that ensures improved airflow and cooling, reduced moisture and dust contamination via closed-loop cooling, and will easily fit with existing steel cabinets.

Each of our software and application designs is certified through 3rd party inspections for ETL, CSA, DNV, and undergo Hazardous Area inspection approvals.


We strive to make sure your TTI applications and centrifuge software operate without error. To ensure client satisfaction and security, we provide the following TTI support services:


  • 24-hour technical support and on-site services

  • In-warehouse replacement parts inventory

  • VFD repair services

  • Technical and Operator manuals 

Centrifuge Control Software

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