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New technologies have advanced processing and manufacturing operations to a new standard. TTI has recognized this and is dedicated to designing new, custom machines and seamlessly integrating new technologies into older processes and equipment.


Protecting the health and safety of others is always at the forefront of all our machine modifications. Increasing productivity while reducing material handling and simplifying operator controls is a challenge we take head on- we guarantee uncomplicated application operations by providing 24-hour technical support and services.


We are also capable of working with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and have software licenses for many brands (including Omron and Allen Bradley). We offer different forms of process monitoring to increase accountability on the shop floor, enhancing production workflow and efficiency. 


Equipment Maintenance and Repair


We understand how important it is to minimize machine downtime and that’s why we strive to keep your machines operating around the clock. Our experienced electrical team routinely (and successfully) repair and maintain a variety of new and old equipment, such as:


  • Lathes Repair

  • Boring Mills Repair

  • Machine Centers Repair

  • Plasma Tables Repair

  • Automatic Welders Repair

  • Turntables/Positioners Repair

  • Punch Presses Repair

  • Bending Brakes Repair

  • Shears Repair

  • Centrifuge and Solids Equipment Repair


Additionally, we can replace older machines with new, environmentally friendly ones, and relocate your manufacturing equipment to ensure optimal transfer efficiency while simultaneously improving workflow designs. 

Machine Automation, Repair and Maintenance

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