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We build custom centrifuge control panels, shaped by consumer demand for increased productivity while reducing downtime and achieving higher levels of safety excellence in the industry. Our primary objective is to eliminate ARC flash hazards by preventing unauthorized entry into centrifuge control panels.


Our designs feature improved hardware and graphical display specifications, such as:


  • Brighter, higher resolution wide screen to improve viewing angles;

  • Lower temperature ratings for increased reliability;

  • Faster core processor for increased response time;

  • Increased internal memory for data collection and VFD parameter lists.


We offer Vacon NXP® VFD high-performance control platforms for heavy duty applications that:


  • Increase application durability and life expectancy by using conformal coated circuit boards to protect against moisture and dust;

  • Combined with TTI-DriveSync, improve power efficiency by 25% while reducing component replacement costs.


TTI has developed a new enclosure design for our centrifuge control panels that ensures improved airflow and cooling, reduced moisture and dust contamination via closed-loop cooling, and will easily fit with existing steel cabinets.  

Centrifuge Control Panel Systems 

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